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Five albums as leader - scroll down:


Joe Hertenstein (drums, comp)
Pascal Niggenkemper (bass)
Thomas Heberer (trumpet, quarter-tone trumpet, comp)
Rec. by Rick Krahn (live to 2-track), NYC.
Mastered by Jim Clouse, NYC

Cleanfeed Records, Lisbon, 2010

Linernotes by Kevin Whitehead

Glenn Astarita (AllAboutJazz)

Stef Gijssels (FreeJazzBlog)

Ken Waxman (JazzWord)

"This is Hertenstein's debut as a leader, and what his trio brings here is a pure delight, finding an interesting niche of incredibly rhythmic free improvisation: the music swings from beginning to end, but then with the improvisational and sonic freedom of modern music, never losing the implicit pulse and forward drive that underpins every note they play. The trio leads us through abstract environments but the blues is never far away. "
— Stef Gijssels, 12/2010

Joe Hertenstein LIVE DURING LOCKDOWN feat. Michael Moore & Greg Cohen

LiveDuringLockdown CD Cover.png


Joe Hertenstein (drums, comp)

Michael Moore (clarinet, alto sax, comp)

Greg Cohen (bass)

Recorded and mixed by Friedrich Stoermer, Berlin

Mastered Jeremy Loucas, NYC

jazzwerkstatt Records, Berlin, 2022

Linernotes/Cover photography by Joe Hertenstein

Record release concert Live at Roulette, NYC, 4/2022:

3 applaus 224_9297.JPG

two albums with Achim Tang

 recorded at LOFT Cologne


Joe Hertenstein (drums, comp)

Jon Irabagon (tenor saxophone, comp)

Achim Tang (upright bass, comp)

Recorded, mixed by Stefan Deistler at the Loft in Cologne, Germany.

Mastered by Marcus Schmickler
jazzwerkstatt Berlin-Brandenburg, 2012

Linernotes by Bert Noglik

Sergio Piccirilli (El Intruso)

Glenn Astarita (AllAboutJazz)

Stef Gijssels (FreeJazzBlog)


«The result is incredibly crisp and emotional. It hurts and it comforts. Three incredible players, technically masterful, musically inventive and with deep emotional powers."

Stef Gijssels (freejazzblog - 09/2012)


«Joe Hertenstein merges the avant-garde strata and stylistic tendencies into an opportunistic creative forum. This trio outing is a prime example. Hertenstein is a master at complementing his band mates' gait via meticulously designed tom rolls and rendering crisp, understated jazz drumming amid vociferous free-bop cadences. Their shrewdly engineered closeout casts a zesty contrast to the overall muse for an album stuffed with gobs of mind candy and rousingly entertaining attributes.»

Glenn Astarita ( - 03/2013)


«Everything is free of pretense and consists of in the moment mindful creativity. The music on this album blends the talent of three unique musicians in dramatic fashion, showcasing their captivating and climactic music.»

Tim Niland (Jazz & Blues - 10/2012)


Joe Hertenstein (drums, comp)
Pascal Niggenkemper (bass)
Thomas Heberer (cornet, comp)

Rec. by Rick Krahn (live to 2-track), NYC

Mastered by Jeremy Loucas, NYC

Cleanfeed Records, Lisbon, 2015


Linernotes by Clifford Allen

Raul de Gama (Jazz da Gama)

Grego Applegate Edwards (Gapple Gate Music Review)

Julia Neupert/SWR (ARD mediathek)

One of Stef Gijssels' 10 albums of the year 2015: "Fantastic trumpet, bass, drums trio redefining the format through inventive music."

POLYLEMMA - Hertenstein Niggenkemper  Heberer Badenhorst


Joe Hertenstein (drums, comp)

Pascal Niggenkemper (bass)

Thomas Heberer (trumpet, quarter-tone trumpet, comp)
Joachim Badenhorst (bass clarinet)

Recorded by Rick Krahn (live to 2-track), NYC

Mastered Jim Clouse, NYC

Red Toucan Records, Montreal, 2011

Linernotes by Joe Hertenstein

Glenn Astarita (AllAboutJazz)

Stef Gijssels (HappyNewEarsAward2011)

Stuart Broomer (Musicworks)

«I love the music of these guys. They sound fresh, inventive, clever, and utterly soulful and compelling. It is obvious that a lot of thought went into these songs, lots of weighing of alternatives and possibilities, of selecting and discarding as its title suggests, yet the end result sounds nothing like a cerebral exercise, because of its incredible sense of spontaneity and musical joy that reverberates with every note.» Stef Gijssels (The Free Jazz Collective - 12/2011)

«It's amazing how well-rounded an album Polylemma already is, though, "Record of the Year" material, as the saying goes, given its combination of originality and polish.» Todd McComb (The Jazz Blog - 09/2011)


Joe Hertenstein (drums, comp)

Achim Tang (bass, comp)

Philip Zoubek (piano, comp)

Recorded & mixed by Stefan Deistler at the Loft in Cologne, Germany.

Mastered by Marcus Schmickler
2ndFloor/Loft, Cologne, 2011

Stef Gijssels (FreeJazzBlog)

Ken Waxman (Jazzword)

Michael Rüsenberg (Jazzcity)

«It is the mark of a more mature band that we can't tell the difference between the written and freer pieces. I can't think of another piano trio that sounds like this one.»  Bruce Lee Gallanter

(Downtown Music Gallery - 05/2012)

"Recommended New Release"

Laurence Donohue-Greene
(Managing Editor of TheNYCJazzRecord - 4/2011)


«For those who enjoy adventurous but unfailingly melodic piano trios.»

Clifford Allen (Ni Kantu - 04/2011)

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