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Thomas Heberer - trumpet, comp

Joe Fonda - bass, flute, comp

Joe Hertenstein - drums, comp

Fundacja Słuchaj April 2nd 2021

CD & Bandcamp only

Recorded August 26, 2020, by

Tom Tedesco, Tedesco Studios, Paramus, NJ
Mixed & mastered January 2021 by Jon Rosenberg, Brooklyn, NY


"A band of equals.

 This is jazz, no doubt about it, stripped to its essence of stellar interplay, brilliant soloing and fun in each other's but also one's own mastery of the instrument. Jazz with all its nervousness, its agitation, its emotional depth, its instrumental prowess, its freedom and joy. Together they move as one. Hence the album's title: their collaboration serves as a remedy to stay sane physically and mentally during the pandemic." 

- Stef Gijssels 6/2021


"A solid force, a righteous, tight balance of three strong spirits. There are some truly difficult daredevil twists and turns going on here. Considering that this is a trumpet-led trio, there is quite a bit more going on here than one might think."

- Bruce Lee Gallanter 04/2021

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Screen Shot 2023-05-11 at

photographies by Peter Gannushkin outside and inside Downtown Musicgallery, NYC 2023

REMEDY Heberer Fonda Hertenstein by Peter Gannushkin 04 2023.png

REMEDY - Videos

REMEDY - Videos

REMEDY - Videos
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Remedy Trio at Bop Shop Records

Remedy Trio at Bop Shop Records

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Thomas Heberer Trio from the June 20th, 2021 performance

Thomas Heberer Trio from the June 20th, 2021 performance

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REMEDY – Live in Brooklyn

REMEDY – Live in Brooklyn

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"Overall it appears that any potential drawbacks implicit in a trio arrangement like this can easily be overcome by a combination of skills, ideas and cooperation. It can even happen with a pandemic raging."

- Ken Waxman, Jazzword, 09/2021



  • a medicine or treatment for a disease or injury.

  • "herbal remedies for aches and pains" 

  • something that corrects, counteracts, or removes an evil or wrong.


  • set right (an undesirable situation).

  • "money will be given to remedy the poor funding of jazz music"



In April 2022, we recorded our second album REMEDY Vol.2 with generous support by MUSIKFONDS, it is mastered, it sounds incredible, and we're very excited about it.

Our band sound, communication, and composing evolved, all three were in top form, and we can't wait to see it released also on Fundacja Słuchaj in September 2023.

In April 2023, we recorded our third album REMEDY Vol.3 "Hipp Hipp Hooray" (for Jutta Hipp) again with generous support by MUSIKFONDS, this band is on a roll...we're currently booking our Europe tour for early April 2024. Stay tuned for updates...

Currently booking European Tour April 2024




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