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Albums as sideman

If you work for a record label, I have some un-released recordings, which might interest you: 

- Duo with Thomas Heberer - H&H at DMG in NYC 

  Live at DowntownMusicGallery, NYC2019 

- Joe Hertenstein plays Aaron Bielish's EYEMUSIC

  with strings with Mat Maneri, Fred Lonberg-Holm &    Michael Formanek 

  with electronics with Dafna Naphtali & Hans Tammen 

  Live at ShapeshifterLab, Brooklyn, NYC2019 

- 4tet with Briggan Krauss, Shazhad Ismaily and              Michael Vatcher, studio recording, NYC2019

- Joe Hertenstein's FUTURE DRONEnyc 

  feat. Jon Irabagon, Anthony Coleman, Reuben              Radding 

  Live at NubluJazzFestival, NYC2015 

- Joe Hertenstein's ODEM 

  feat. Todd Neufeld & Sean Conly - studio recording 

- Joe Hertenstein's As A Matter Of Change 

  feat. Darius Jones & Pascal Niggenkemper 

  Live at TheStone, NYC2011 

...and others

Albums coming soon:

  • Joe Hertenstein plays Aaron Bielish's EYEmusic with Strings (Maneri, Lonberg-Holm, Formanek) and with Electronics (Naphtali, Tammen) - Live at ShapeshifterLab, Brooklyn

  • REMEDY III Thomas Heberer & Joe Fonda

  • Peter van Huffel's Callisto with Lina Allemano & Antonis Anissegos on Cleanfeed

  • Unzeit Quartet with Frank Paul Schubert, Celine Voccia, Matthias Bauer on TroubleInTheEastRec.

  • Harvey Valdes & Josh Werner Trio

  • Michael Eaton/Sean Sonderegger 4tet with Shawn Lovato on Skirl

  • MarKovSteinPrinciple with Francesco Marcocci & Vasko Dukovski

  • Guillermo Bazzola with Daniel Carter

  • The P-Project Vol.2 Peter Alexius, Joker Nies & Achim Tang

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