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Joe Hertenstein by TJ Krebs

say {Cross Country Bungalow}

Eliad Wagner modular synthesizer

Kellen Mills electric bass

Joe Hertenstein drums

World Premier at MoersFestival, Germany,

Sunday May 19th 2024 


Dafna Naphtali live-processing (MAX MSP), voice

Liz Allbee trumpet, electronics

Joe Hertenstein's XCountry Bungalow

with Eliad Wagner & Kellen Mills

(optionally feat. Dafna Naphtali & Liz Allbee)

...say "Cross Country Bungalow" - our house reaches from the SouthWest to the NorthEast, the country's (or the world's) diagonal;

like a headless snake our music has no beginning and no end.
Our special super power is to cleanse our sick society from bigotry and trigotry 45 minutes at a time.


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