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"Best Live Album 2022"

by The New York City Jazz Record 01/2023

- Flyer Best2022.png

Joe Hertenstein feat.
Michael Moore & Greg Cohen 

Live During Lockdown
on Mar
ch 16th 2021
Kesselhaus Berlin

Album out March 30th 2022
on jazzwerkstatt Berlin
with support of the Cultural Senate of Berlin 


LiveDuringLockdown CD Cover.png

Michael Moore clarinet & alto sax

Greg Cohen contrabass

Joe Hertenstein drums


CD ordering:

EUR15,- + shipping

recorded&mixed Friedrich Stoermer

mastered Jeremy Loucas

photography jh & Herbert Weissrock

cover design Herbert Weissrock

produced jh

executive producer Ulli Blobel


currently booking European tour February 2024.

Hertenstein Cohen Moore sofa.jpg

lock•down noun


1 the confinement of prisoners to their cells for all or most of the day as a temporary security measure

a) an emergency measure or condition in which people are temporarily prevented from entering or leaving a restricted area or building (such as a jazzclub) during a threat of danger

b) a temporary condition imposed by governmental authorities (as during the outbreak of an epidemic disease) in which people are required to stay in their homes and refrain from or limit activities outside the home involving public contact (such as dining out or attending a jazz concert)

"I think it sounds better than 90% of new jazz CDs." Greg Cohen

Flyer Jazzwerkstatt 2021 copy.jpg

And yes, it happened like this.

From November2020 to April2021 there was a nationwide lockdown in Germany, and there where by law no public performances/gatherings allowed whatsoever. I mean, the Brits tried impeaching Boris Johnson for partying then. 

But when the numbers came down a bit during early March, the German government allowed museums and galleries to open at 50% capacity for a couple weeks, and I found the one promoter in Germany, who quickly and briefly turned the venue into a gallery by hiring a local sculptor and billing my trio concert as a sound installation. He sold out the venue at 50% capacity, all masked and tested, and we probably, rather likely, played the only concert that day in Berlin, maybe in Germany? - maybe the only concert for a live audience that month/those months in all of Germany? Who knows? But we did it. It was the first meeting of this trio, and it got wonderfully recorded by Friedrich Stoermer and mastered masterfully at NY's SEAR Sound Studio by multi grammy winning Jeremy Loucas and was just awarded "BEST LIVE ALBUM 2022" by The NYC Jazz Record: LIVE DURING LOCKDOWN.

Then Ulli Blobel wanted to present his label jazzwerkstatt in New York and I could recommend him to Roulette in Brooklyn, where he presented five Berlin ensembles in two nights in April of 2022 with support of the Goethe Institut. One of those sets became the record release concert of my trio with Michael Moore & Greg Cohen - our second meeting: LIVE AFTER LOCKDOWN.

You can watch the concert here:

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Hertenstein Moore Borghini TIP Berlin.png
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