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Don’t let a robot choose your music."

LIVE DURING LOCKDOWN on jazzwerkstatt Berlin

feat. Michael Moore & Greg Cohen was awarded

"BEST LIVE ALBUM of 2022" by The NYC Jazz Record.

LiveDuringLockdown CD Cover

SHOWS appearances are deceiving



-Tue9th 23:30h Radio Interview with Wolf Kampmann 


-Sun14th 15:30h w Celine Voccia & Meinrad Kneer at Industriesalon Schöneweide for Jazzkeller 69 e.V.


-Wed17th 20h Zero Trio feat. Andrea Massaria​,​​​Meinrad Kneer​, jh at JAZZ AL KNULP, Trieste, IT


-Thu18th 20h Zero Trio feat. Andrea Massaria​,
​​​Meinrad Kneer​, jh at 
interpenetration, Graz, AUSTRIA

Record release concerts for Setola Di Maiale


-Thu25th 20h The Great Berlin-Winter-Antidepressant Vol.1 feat. Tobias Delius & Jan Roder at Dave Lombardo, Zionskirchstraße 34, 10119 Berlin-Mitte, 2 Sets


-Sat3rd 20h Saxstall, Pohlsdorf w Johannes Schleiermacher + Isabel Rößle

-Tue13th 2030h Kühlspot, Berlin w Isabel Anders + Kellen Mills

-Thu15th 20h The Great Berlin-Winter-Antidepressant Vol.2 feat. Rudi Mahall & Jan Roder at Dave Lombardo, Zionskirchstraße 34, 10119 Berlin-Mitte, 2 Sets

Tour with jh3 feat. Michael Moore & Antonio Borghini

-Wed21st 20h Sowieso, Berlin, GER + Achim Kaufmann (Berlin only)

-Thu22nd 20h King Georg, Cologne, GER

-Fri23rd    20h Domicil, Dortmund, GER

-Sat24th   20Stockwerk, Graz, AUS

-Sun25th  20h Porgy&Bess, Vienna, AUS

-Mon26th 20h Unterfahrt, Munich, GER


-Fri15th 18h w Jonathan Haffner Band feat. Jeremy Viner & Keisuke Matsuno at Cafe Plume, Berlin

-Sun24th 15h w Peter van Huffel's Callisto

record release „Meandering Demons“ for Cleanfeed Records feat.

Lina Alemano – trumpet
Peter van Huffel – baritone sax, electronic
Antonis Anissegos – piano, electronic

jh – drums

for Jazzkeller69 e.V. at Industriesalon Schöneweide   Reinbeckstr. 9, 12459  Berlin-Schöneweide

-Mon25th 15h w AoA Impro Group feat. Floros Floridis (ss, bcl),  Almut Kühne (v), Elena Kakaliagou (frh), Antonio Borghini (b), jh (dr) at Akademie der Künste Berlin


-Sun31st 15h w REMEDY

celebrating the release ​of „REMEDY Vol2“ for FSR Records feat.

Thomas Heberer – trumpet
Joe Fonda – bass

jh – drums

+special guest Aki Takase – piano, Berlin only

for Jazzkeller69 e.V. at Industriesalon Schöneweide   Reinbeckstr. 9, 12459  Berlin-Schöneweide


-Wed3rd Güterschuppen, Westerstede

-Thu4th  HoffArt Theater, Darmstadt

-Fri5th   Jazzclub, Bamberg

-Sat6th  Jazzkammer, Warmensteinach

-Sun7th Christuskirche, Lahr

-Tue9th Peter Kowald Gesellschaft, ORT, Wuppertal

-Wed10th Shelter Sounds, Kassel

-Thu11th Black Box, Münster

-Fri12th Ferro Forum, New Jam, Differdange, LX

-Sat13th Jazzclub, Lokeren, BL

-Sun14th LArchiduc, Brüssel, BL

Vesna Pisarović's JAGDKLANG plays Lacy

Vesna Pisarović – voice
Tobias Delius – tenor sax
Gerhard Gschlößl – trombone
jh – drums

-Fri19th 2030h

Loft, Wissmannstr. 30, Köln

-Sun21st 15h 

for Jazzkeller69 e.V. at Industriesalon Schöneweide   Reinbeckstr. 9, 12459  Berlin-Schöneweide


w Peter van Huffel's Callisto

record release „Meandering Demons“ for Cleanfeed Records feat.

-Wed1st Panda Theater (Kulturbrauerei), Berlin

-Fri3rd Loft, Wissmannstr. 30, Köln

-Sat4th Jazzclub, Lokeren, BL

Lina Alemano – trumpet
Peter van Huffel – baritone sax, electronic
Antonis Anissegos – piano, electronic

jh – drums

-Wed8th Kuehn/Mueller/Hertenstein

Panda Theater (Kulturbrauerei), Berlin, 20h

Christian Kühn guitars

Matthias Mueller trombone

jh drums


1530h Superbooth Festival, FEZ, (former „Pionierpalast“), Seebühne, Berlin, with Rosi Foerster's Pro-Vocation feat. Rosi Foerster synths, Lena Wenta clarinet, Meinrad Kneer bass, jh drums, 

2030h Sowieso, Berlin, XCountry Bungalow with Eliad Wagner mod synths, Kellen Mills ebass, jh drums feat. Dafna Naphtali live-processing&voice, and Liz Allbee trumpet&electronics

-Sat18th 1945h Moers Festival, XCountry Bungalow with Eliad Wagner mod synths, Kellen Mills ebass, jh drums feat. Dafna Naphtali live-processing&voice, and Liz Allbee trumpet&electronics

-Sun19th 1730h Moers Festival, ANNEX stage at Schulhof Gymnasium Filder Benden: with

Matthias Schubert saxophone

Daisy Payero improvised theatrics

-Mon20th Magdeburg at Jazz in der Kammer 

w Peter van Huffel's Callisto

record release „Meandering Demons“ for Cleanfeed Records feat.

Lina Alemano – trumpet
Peter van Huffel – baritone sax, electronic
Antonis Anissegos – piano, electronic

jh – drums


-Tue28th  Soup and Sound, 292 Lefferts Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11225, doors 7, music starts 8, with  Stephen Haynes, Robert Boston, Hilliard Greene

-Thu30th Dadabar, 60-47 Myrtle Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385, 8pm, Ishenko's Bday-Throw-Down with Dan Blake and Dmitry Ishenko plus friends.


-Mon17th 7pm Aron's Place, 1372 Greene Ave, Bushwick with Daniel Carter, Claire de Brunner, Aron Namenwirth


-Fri5th 2030h Kühlspot, Berlin w Unzeit Quartett feat.

Celine Voccia p, Frank Paul Schubert sax, Meinrad Kneer b

-Wed10th 2030h Kühlspot, Berlin w Jan Klare sax, Ignaz Schick sax, Jan Roder b

-Sat13th 18h Cafe Plume Felix Wahnschaffe sax, Florian Müller g,  Kellen Mills b

-Mon15th 20h Kühlspot, Berlin w Danny Kamins sax, Alexander Fragenheim b



-Fri9th w MokaEftiOrchestra in Jazz im Kloster, Jerichow 

-Fri16th w MokaEftiOrchestra in Jazz n Joy, Worms

-Sat17th jazzwerkstatt Festival Peitz tba

-Fri23rd w MokaEftiOrchestra in Leipzig

-Sat31st The Great Berlin-Winter-Antidepressant Vol.3 feat. Rudi Mahall & Jan Roder ("Le grand anti-dépresseur") at Dorfkino Lögow bei Kleeblatt "Contemporary Jazz #5: Saint Tropez am Untersee" for Jazz am Helmholtzplatz 


-Sun22nd - Mon30th Tour with

Rouzbeh Asgarian Band


15th - 27th European Tour

"Joe Hertenstein Quartet feat. Ray Anderson" with Michael Moore & Michael Formanek

-Tue15th Regensburg

-Wed16th Villach

-Thu17th Linz

-Fri18th Oslo

-Sat19th Kehl

-Sun20th Münster



-Wed23rd Stuttgart

-Thu24th Berlin

-Fri25th St. Johann

-Sat26th Gorizia

-Sun27th Rome

June2024 TNYCJR ad 6th Page Draft HERTENSTEIN nu brighter.png
Jazzwoche Berlin 4 rbb radio.png

Radio feature on WFMU 02/2019:


I was the guest on Dave Sewelson's new radio show "Music For a Free World" on WFMU's "Give the Drummer", we played music from eight CDs, talked, and played two mini sets of improvised music together, you can stream the show here, I joined at minute 39:


Radio feature on WFMU 03/2018:

David Weinstein's show 'GiveTheDrummer' aired on March14th on WFMU and featured a 20-minute excerpt of a live recording he captured from the trio of Jim Denley, who was visiting from Australia, Chris Penalosa and myself from our concert at The Outpost in Brooklyn as part of David Watson's series, which you can now stream through your iTunes or other media player via - just click on:

"Listen to this show:" on the bottom left and skip to minute 50 - the sound quality is awesome and so was our first-meeting-chemistry!

latest albums




Matthias Bauer - bass
Frank Paul Schubert - saxophone
Céline Voccia - piano

jh - drums


Recorded December 6th, 2022 at Keller4 Studio Berlin by Joe Hertenstein and Sam Lazarev

Mixed and mastered by Alexis Baskind
Design by  Andreas Voccia

Band photo by Manuel Miethe

All compositions and improvisations by

Frank Paul Schubert, Matthias Bauer, Céline Voccia and Joe Hertenstein (GEMA)


© 2024 Trouble In The East Records

released April 15, 2024


Peter van Huffel's CALLISTO

"Meandering Demons"


Peter Van Huffel – Baritone Saxophones, Electronics
Lina Allemano – Trumpet
Antonis Anissegos – Piano, Electronics
jh – Drums

recorded by Martin Offik October 12th & 13th, 2022 at Hansa Studios Berlin
mixed by Martin Offik in Berlin, Germany

mastered by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks, USA

produced by Peter Van Huffel

executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul

released by Cleanfeed Records, 03/2024



Design and artwork

by Travassos

Inside-cover photo

by Manuel Miethe

Meandering Demons Album Cover Cleanfeed.png


Mark Daterman Trio — Aerial Imprints


Mark Daterman: electric guitar

Jair-Rohm Parker Wells: electric upright bass

Joe Hertenstein: drums

Free jazz guitar trio music improvised straight off the runway live onto 24 track tape at N.Y. HED Studio on New York’s Lower East Side, April 28, 2022.


Matt Verta-Ray: engineer

Released on mussomusic

and Bandcamp

November 11th 2023

Daterman3 Aerial Imprints Cover.png


Christopher Kunz & Isabel Rößler

FLUT + Live at Au Topsi Pohl

Christopher Kunz - ss/ts
Isabel Rößler - db

+ guests:

Florian Müller - g
Joe Hertenstein - dr


- Dan Peter Sundland - eb/Tony Buck - dr
- Guido Kohn - amp cl/Samuel Hall - dr
- Rieko Okuda - p/Dag Magnus Narvesen - dr
- Anna Kaluza - as/Marcello Silvio Basato - dr

Released on Bandcamp, October 06, 2023

Recorded by Adam Asnan at Au Topsi Pohl Berlin, July 26-30th.
Mixed by Adam Asnan
Mastering by Giuseppe Ielasi
Cover Artwork "Chinagirl" by Christoph Kühl
Collage/Mischtechnik auf Papier, 2020
All tracks are free improvised by FLUT +

FLUT Live at Autopsi Pohl Album Cover.png


Heberer/ Fonda/ Hertenstein


Fundacja Słuchaj, FSR

"Recommended New Release" - The NYC Jazz Record 11/2023

Thomas Heberer – trumpet
Joe Fonda – bass
Joe Hertenstein – drums, percussion

1. One for Mark 6:20
2. The Variant 5:11
3. Seamless 10:58
4. My Song 5:04
5. Nothing Like Something 7:09
6. I’ve Been Singing 10:14
7. The Nth X 5:41
8. Home 4:50

Recorded by Tom Tedesco, April 24 & 25, 2022, Tedesco Studios, Paramus, NJ Edited by Thomas Heberer, May 2022, NYC, NY Mixed & mastered by Jon Rosenberg, June 2022, Brooklyn, NY

REMEDY II album cover.png


Massaria/ Kneer/ Hertenstein

The Absence Of Zero 

Setola Di Maiale, SM4560

Andrea Massaria - guitar & effects
Meinrad Kneer - double bass
Joe Hertenstein - drums & percussion

1. Zero One (11:40)

2. Zero Two (8:38)

3. Zero Three (10:13)

4. Zero Four (4:51)

5. Zero Five (8:59)


Compositions by Massaria/ Kneer/ Hertenstein


recorded by Christian Betz, Berlinaudio 11/2021

mixed by Alexis Baskind



Aron Namenwirth - Lisa Hoppe - Matt Mottel - Kevin Shea - jh "Live in Berlin"

recorded in Berlin 11/8/21 by Peer Soehring
mixed and mastered by Jon Rosenberg
organized by Ass
i Glöde and Jazz Keller 69 e.V.

Aron Namenwirth guitar
Lisa Hoppe bass
Matt Mottel Keytar
Kevin Shea drums

jh drums

Namenwirth Hoppe Hertenstein Mottel Shea Live in Berlin.png


Dalius Naujo

NOJO AIRLINES New York, New York

feat. 48 musicians

NOJO AIRLINES is a sonic trip conceived and produced by Dalius Naujo 2021/2022
Mixed at Figure 8 Studios, Brooklyn, by Michael Coleman
Mastered & additional mixing by Julius Zubavičius

NOJO Airlines Cover.jpeg


Stephen Gauci​/​Sandy Ewen​/

​Thomas Helton​/​Joe Hertenstein

"Live at Scholes Street Studio"

Stephen Gauci - tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet
Sandy Ewen - guitar
Thomas Helton - bass
Joe Hertenstein - drums

Recorded by Rene Allain at Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn on 5/27/21
Mixed & Mastered by Michael Coleman
Produced by Stephen Gauci
Photos by Rene Allain



OURIDA - Wings

OURIDA - voc, piano, ukulele

Jonathan Levy - bass

jh - drums

plus guests

Recorded by Eli Crews at Figure8Studios, Brooklyn, NY


"Co-produced by Eli Crews (tUnE-yArDs, Marc Ribot…), ‘Wings’ is an indie pop / art pop / alternative album of sensual songs full of imagery about multi-cultural life and women’s freedom of expression, mixing folk rock melodies and jazz groove with rhythm and sounds from around the world."

OURIDA Wings cover.png


SPACEPILOT - Hycean Worlds

live at Red Horn District


Elias Meister - guitar, electronics
Leo Genovese - synth, rhodes, hammond
Joe Hertenstein - drums

Orbit 577 Records
Recorded live at Red Horn District
Mixed & Mastered by Jeremy Loucas, NYC
Cover art by W—E studio, Piera Wolf & Claudine Eriksson

SPACEPILOT Hycean Worlds Cover.png



Stephen Gauci - tenor sax

Alexander von Schlippenbach - piano

Jan Roder - bass

jh - drums

Recorded by Joe Hertenstein

at Keller4 Studios, Berlin, Oct22 2021

Mixed & Mastered by Michael Coleman

Produced by Stephen Gauci

Album design by Stephen Gauci

Cover photos by jh

Special Thanks

to Ken Burke

Gauci Hertenstein Schlippenbach Roder Cover.jpeg


Joe Hertenstein

feat. Michael Moore & Greg Cohen

"March 16th 2021 Kesselhaus, Berlin"

Michael Moore- AltoSaxophone&Clarinet
Greg Cohen - Bass
Joe Hertenstein - Drums


Recorded and mixed by Friedrich Stoermer
Mastered by Jeremy Loucas

Album design by Herbert Weissrock

Cover photo by jh

Inside photo by Herbert Weisrock

jazzwerkstatt Berlin

supported by the

Cultural Senat of Berlin


by The NYC Jazz Record

LiveDuringLockdown CD Cover.png


Lior Milliger Free Improv Trio
feat. Hilliard Greene & Joe Hertenstein

"Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You"

Lior Milliger - Tenor Saxophone
Hilliard Greene - Bass
Joe Hertenstein - Drums


Recorded and mixed by Jason LaFarge on September 12th 2019 at Seizure’s Palace Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Shay Hazan

Album design by Mark Smith

Cover photo by Lior Milliger

Orbit577 is part of 577 Records

Album Cover.jpeg



Thomas Heberer - trp, comp

Joe Fonda - bass, flute, comp
jh - drums, comp

Recorded August 26, 2020, by Tom Tedesco, Tedesco Studios, Paramus, NJ
Mixed & mastered January 2021 by Jon Rosenberg, Brooklyn, NY

Fundacja Słuchaj


Recommended New Release

NYC JazzRecord 08 2021



Cecilie Beck - voice, piano, comp

Gabriel Gordon - voice, guitar, bass
jh - percussion/drums

Recorded in Denmark and Germany 2020/2021

Produced, mixed and mastered by Gabriel Gordon

Time Is A Melody.png


Sana Nagano

Sana Nagano - Violin/fx
Peter Apfelbaum - Tenor saxophone/megaphone
Keisuke Matsuno - Electric guitar
Ken Filiano - Acoustic bass/fx
jh - Drums 

Recorded July 1st and 3rd, 2019 and

Mixed by Martin Bisi at

BC Studios, Brooklyn, NY,

Mastered by Fred Kevorkian, NY

OUT 03/2021 on

577 Records LP/CD

Watch MOERS Festival 2022

Sana Nagano SMASHING HUMANS front.png


Carolin Pook

released March 4, 2021

Carolin Pook - violin/composition
Adriana Molello - violin
Tomoko Omura - violin (track 3&4)
Leonor Falcon - viola
Brian Sanders - cello
Christof Knoche - bass clarinet/harmonica
Dorothea Tachler - autoharp
Paul Orbell - electric guitar
Ari Folman-Cohen - bass
jh - drums/percussion/objects

Recorded on 4 Sundays 2020 at 11AM

remotely from home, offline, connected through 

stopwatch and imagination, we didn't hear each other, all first takes. Magical.

Mixed by Caio Carvalho, NY




Robert Musso & Mark Daterman 


Mark Daterman electric 12 string guitar
Robert Musso acoustic 6-string guitar
jh table percussion

Recorded August 2019 at Musso Studios, New York, NY

Engineered, mixed, mastered by Robert Musso

OUT 02/2021 on mussomusic


Musso Daterman Hertenstein Grumbler.jpg



Joe Stone vocals, acoustic guitar

Paul Orbell slide guitar

Craig Akin upright bass

jh drums on single POOR OL' BOY

Recorded July 2010 at Vanity Sound, Brooklyn, NY by Myles Turney

Mixed by Jeremy Loucas at SEAR SOUND, NY

Mastered by Kevin Blackler at BlacklerMastering, Brooklyn

OUT 12/2020 on BlueGeezerRecords


PERMABLUES JoeStone CoverArt online.jpg


orientation of we - EMERGENCE

Michael Irwin trp
James Brandon Lewis sax
Max Johnson bass
jh drums


Recorded July 2017 at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, New York

Engineered by Michael Brorby

Mixed by Max Johnson

Mastered by Alan Silverman

OUT 10/2020 on the Belgian

label OFF-Records

Orientation of We Cover Front.png


Sean Sonderegger's Magically Inclined Vol2

"Living There"


Sean Sonderegger - ts, bs, comp
Kamala Sankaram - voc, acc (1,2,4-6)
Curtis Fowlkes - tb (1,2,4-7)
Harvey Valdes - guit (1,2,4-6)
Shawn Lovato - bass
jh - drums and perc
Pheeroan akLaff - add drums and perc (1,3-5)

Recorded by Tom Tedesco at Tedesco Studios, Paramus, NJ on January 15, 2018
Mixed and mastered by Liberty Ellman  

physically on SKIRL/46

digitally on MetaRecords

Sonderegger Magically Inclined SKIRL Vol
Field Effect CoverArt Patton.jpg


Kevin Patton - Double Release!

Field Effect is an improvised quartet of piano, bass, drums, and live electronics.

Kevin Patton Live Electronics
Robert Boston Piano
Thomas Helton Contrabass
jh Drumset


Recorded July 2016 at Terminus Studio, New York City by Aaron Robinson

LISTEN/BUY via Bandcamp


Kevin Patton - Double Release!

into thickets
Kevin Patton Guitar, Live Electronics
Thomas Helton Contrabass
Robert Boston Piano, Synthesizer
Seth Paynter Tenor Saxophone

jh Drumset

Recorded at Ovations in Houston, Texas

November 2015 by Ryan Edwards

LISTEN/BUY via Bandcamp

Into Thickets CoverArt Patton.jpg


Aron Namenwirth Trio

Gettin' Hot

  • Aron Namenwirth - Guitar

  • Zach Swanson - Acoustic Bass

  • jh - Drums


Recorded by Rene' Allain Scholes Street Studio, NYC
Mixed and Mastered by Jon Rosenberg

Culture of Waste Records 2020

LISTEN/BUY via Bandcamp


Aron Namenwirth Trio feat. Daniel Carter

Live at the Bushwick Series

  • Aron Namenwirth - Guitar

  • Daniel Carter - all the horns

  • Zach Swanson - Acoustic Bass

  • jh - TabelPercussionKitHybrid


“Considering that this is a live recording, the sound is splendid… In a later section, the quartet erupts into some strong, explosive moments, which increase our pulse rates. Drummer Joe Hertenstein is often at the center of the quartet, navigating both free and a connected rhythmic undertow...” Bruce Lee Gallanter, DowntownMusicGallery 09/2019


David Weinstein WFMU

Equilibrium & Hysteria

Ridgewood Radio 2019 Experimental Music Sampler


  • Martha Mooke & Tony Verderosa (Roulette, 2004)

  • Matteo Liberatore & Matthew Ostrowski (Sump, 2017)

  • Anteloper (Jaimie Branch & Jason Nazary) (Outpost, 2018)

  • Jim Denley, Joe Hertenstein, Crystal Penalosa (Outpost, 2018)

  • Deep Listening Band (David Gamper, Stuart Dempster, Pauline Oliveros) (Roulette, 2008)

  • William Parker Ensemble w/Morley (Roulette, 2017)

WFMU's CD sampler containing music David Weinstein showcases on his radio show "Give the Drummer", Ridgewood Radio.

2019 CD Equilibrium&Hysteria both.jpg


Philipp Teriete



  • Philipp Teriete - Composition & Piano

  • Dave Pietro - Flute & Alto Saxophone

  • Elias Meister - Electric Guitar

  • Martin Wind - Acoustic Bass

  • jh - Drums




Jeff Morris Trio

Interfaces jazz meets electronics

feat. Karl Berger




While recording at Electric Lady Studios in New York, multiple Grammy Award winning producer TROOKO (Beyoncé, M.I.A.,  Beastie Boys, Residente) invited me to play drums on his DJ track and new single “RICO” - hell yeah!

> click for open.spotify



Ragas Live Retrospective, compilation

Adam Rudolph's Go: Organic Orchestra with Brooklyn Raga Massive

"Twilight Lake" live at Ragas Live Festival at PioneerWorks, Brooklyn


SPACEPILOT 'Particle Horizon' live at Nublu /LP

with Elias Meister & Leo Genovese

feat. Tim Hagans & Jack Daniel.

Engineered, mixed, mastered by multi Grammy Award winning producer Jeremy Loucas on

Springstoff Records

> order LP incl. dwld-code

SPACEPILOT Particle Horizon




Welf Dorr Unit 'BLOOD'

with Dave Ross & Dmitry Ishenko physically on CreativeSources

digitally on Chant Records

Welf Dorr Unit BLOOD

"Every once in a great while a disc appears and renews my faith in jazz/rock/fusion. This is the one! I am working on getting a gig for this band because I want to check them out live. You best dig in and go along for the ride with those in the know."

- Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG 


Ivo Perelman 'SCALENE' 

with Matthew Shipp on Leo Records





This album documents my first meeting with Ivo, who invited me spontaneously to the recording session at Jim Clouse's ParkWestStudios in Brooklyn - walking distance from my house - after Matt played him our album 'The Core Trio live feat. Matthew Shipp' on Evil Rabbit Records.

Check out Thomas Helton's The Core Trio as well!

Ivo Perelman SCALENE

If you work for a record label, I have some un-released recordings, which might interest you: 


- Duo with Thomas Heberer - H&H at DMG in NYC 

  Live at DowntownMusicGallery, multi-track, NYC2019 

- 4tet with Briggan Krauss, Shazhad Ismaily and Michael Vatcher

  Studio recording, multi-track, Brooklyn, NYC2019

- Joe Hertenstein plays Aaron Bielish's EYEMUSIC

with strings: Mat Maneri, Fred Lonberg-Holm & Michael Formanek 

with electronics: Dafna Naphtali & Hans Tammen 

  Live at ShapeshifterLab, multi-track, Brooklyn, NYC2019 

- Joe Hertenstein's FUTURE DRONEnyc 

  feat. Jon Irabagon, Anthony Coleman, Reuben Radding 

  Live at NubluJazzFestival, NYC2015 

- Joe Hertenstein's ODEM 

  feat. Todd Neufeld & Sean Conly - Studio recording, mastered

- Joe Hertenstein's As A Matter Of Change 

  feat. Darius Jones & Pascal Niggenkemper 

  Live at TheStone, NYC2011 

...and others

Free Jazz Blog's 2017 Top 10 List 

by Rick Joines:

Danny Kamins, Damon Smith, Alvin Fielder, and Joe Hertenstein — After Effects (FMR Records, 2017)



"I am a fan of innovative bass players, of baritone sax, and of extended technique: this quartet hits all my sweet spots."

"The musicians who made this album know how to get out of the way when music desires to reveal its essence. Unshackled from preconceptions of composition and improvisation, they know the authenticity of the music—and of themselves as musicians—is more important than conforming to any definition of “free” or “jazz.” This is music without cliché or artifice. It does not exist to entertain—in the background or as a distraction. It often seems strange and unfamiliar, but when we slow down, it teaches us how to listen and how “to dwell within the truth that is happening in the work,” as Heidegger says. This music contemplates; it reflects, it thinks—and it sweeps us into its drift, transporting all of us out of the habitual mundane, beyond ourselves, up into the luminous." - Rick Joines


AvantMusicNews' Best of 2017/Albums of the year:

Rest In Power 2019, dear Alvin!

My first mention in the ModernDrummerMagazine, May2018:


Below's link takes you to my first mention in the Modern Drummer Magazine as part of reviews of four Ivo Perelman albums in the

excellent company of drum colleagues Gerald Cleaver,

Bobby Kapp and Jeff Cosgrove:

 "Four approaches to free improvisation highlight

individualism on the drums."

"The drummer scrambles like eggs on “Part 9” and adds kineticism to the busy “Part 3” while leading the trudge to the moaning “Part 1”."

George W. Harris, 11/2017

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