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An incomplete list of bands & people I work music with

  • jh3 feat. Michael Moore & Nick Dunston

  • FUTURE DRONEnyc feat. Anthony Coleman & Jon Irabagon

  • Joe Hertenstein's nyHLPline feat. William Parker & James Brandon Lewis 

  • REMEDY with Thomas Heberer and Joe Fonda

  • jh3 feat. Tobias Delius & Phil Donkin

  • jh3 feat. Ronny Graupe & Phil Donkin

  • jazzwerkstatt Large Ensemble plays Kurt Weill dir. by Wolfgang Schmidtke feat. Michael Moore

  • Peter van Huffel's Callisto feat. Lina Allemano and Antonis Anissegos

  • Edith Steyer's "Quoting John Carter" feat. Rieko Okuda, Uli Kempendorff, Gerhard Gschlössl

  • Stephen Gauci/Joe Hertenstein "Soundlift Berlin-New York" feat. Alex von Schlippenbach & Jan Roder

  • Absence of Zero feat. Andrea Massaria & Meinrad Kneer

  • UNZEIT4 feat. Frank Paul Schubert, Celine Voccia, Matthias Bauer

  • Floros Floridis, Matthias Bauer, jh

  • Kellen Mills, Eliad Wagner, jh

  • Christian Kuehn, Ignaz Schick, jh

  • Thomas Helton's The Core Trio with Seth Paynter and guests

  • Ivo Perelman's Scalene with Matthew Shipp

  • Jeff Morris Trio with Karl Berger

  • Elias Meister’s SPACEPILOT with Leo Genovese

  • The Welf Dorr Unit with Keisuke Matsuno & Dmitry Ishenko

  • Sana Nagano's SMASHING HUMANS with Peter Apfelbaum, Jonathan Goldberger/Keisuke Matsuno, Ken Filiano

  • Aron Namenwirth Trio with Zack Swanson

  • The Harvey Valdes Trio with Sana Nagano

  • Florian Müller Quartet feat. Rudi Mahall & Ben Lehmann


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