HNH 2015 CF332
jh dr, comp
Pascal Niggenkemper b
Thomas Heberer tr, comp
Cleanfeed 2015
HNH 2010 CF205
jh dr, comp
Pascal Niggenkemper b
Thomas Heberer tr, comp
Cleanfeed 2010
jh dr, comp
Thomas Heberer trp, comp
Joachim Badenhorst bcl
Pascal Niggenkemper b
RedToucan 2011
Future Drone
jh dr, comp
Achim Tang b, comp
Jon Irabagon sax, comp
Philip Zoubek p
Achim Tang b
jh dr
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If you work for a record label, I have some un-released recordings, which might interest you: 

- Duo with Thomas Heberer - H&H at DMG in NYC 

  Live at DowntownMusicGallery, NYC2019 

- Joe Hertenstein plays Aaron Bielish's EYEMUSIC 

  with electronics with Dafna Naphtali & Hans Tammen 

  with strings with Mat Maneri, Fred Lonberg-Holm &    Michael Formanek 

  Live at ShapeshifterLab, Brooklyn, NYC2019 

- 4tet with Briggan Krauss, Shazhad Ismaily and              Michael Vatcher, studio recording, NYC2019

- Joe Hertenstein's FUTURE DRONEnyc 

  feat. Jon Irabagon, Anthony Coleman, Reuben              Radding 

  Live at NubluJazzFestival, NYC2015 

- Joe Hertenstein's As A Matter Of Change 

  feat. Darius Jones & Pascal Niggenkemper 

  Live at TheStone, NYC2011 

- Joe Hertenstein's ODEM 

  feat. Todd Neufeld & Sean Conly - studio recording 

...and others

Albums as sideman
Sonderegger Magically Inclined SKIRL Vol
Aron Namenwirth3 + DC Cover
Aron Namenwirth Trio feat. Daniel Carter on GauciMusic 10/2019
WFMU ExperimentalMusicSampler 2019
Philipp Teriete: Composition & Piano
Dave Pietro: Flute & Alto Saxophone
Martin Wind: Acoustic Bass
Elias Meister: Electric Guitar
Joe Hertenstein: Drums
Morris Berger Hertenstein
Jazz meets electronics
Incredible new music and sounds.
Multi Grammy winning producer TROOKO invited me to play drums on his DJ track.
SPACEPILOT - Particle Horizon LP
SPACEPILOT - Particle Horizon, live at Nublu
with Elias Meister & Leo Genovese, feat. Tim Hagans & Jack Daniel on Springstoff Records
Elias Meister g
Leo Genovese keys
jh dr
Live at Nublu, NYC 2016
WelfDorrUnit - Blood
Debut album 'Blood' of The WelfDorrUnit feat. Welf Dorr sax
Dave Ross g
Dmitry Ishenko b
jh dr
out 3/2018
Ivo Perelman - Scalene
Ivo Perelman sax
Matthew Shipp p
jh dr
Leo 2017
TheCoreTrio&Shipp - Live
Thomas Helton b
Seth Paynter sax
jh dr
Matthew Shipp p
Evil Rabbit 2014
TheCoreTrio&Shipp - LP
Thomas Helton b
Seth Paynter sax
jh dr
Matthew Shipp p
NYC, 2014
Harvey Valdes - PointCounterPoint
Harvey Valdes g, comp
Sana Nagano vl
jh dr
SeanSonderegger - Magically Inclined
Areni Agbabian-voc
Sean Sonderegger-ts, bcl, comp
Curtis Fowlkes-tb
Harvey Valdez-gui
Greg Chudzik-b
Joe Hertenstein-dr, perc
Kamins/Smith/Fielder - After Effects
Danny Kamins barisax
Damon Smith b
Alvin Fielder dr
jh dr/perc
FMR 2017
Elias Meister - MiracleBox
Elias Meister g, comp
Gordon Au trp
Craig Akin b
jh dr
NYC, 2013
The P-Project
Peter Alexius g
Joker Nies elec
Sebastian Gramss b
jh dr
Blaise Siwula - Past The Future
“Past the Future”
Blaise Siwula sax
Carsten Radtke g
Joe Hertenstein dr, perc

Nofrillsmusic 2015
Wombat5  2017
Blaise Siwula, Ross Bonadonna, Harvey Valdes, Dmitry Ishenko, Joe Hertenstein.
Wombat5 2016
Blaise Siwula, Ross Bonadonna, Harvey Valdes, Dmitry Ishenko, Joe Hertenstein.
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Albums coming soon:

  • OURIDA with Jonathan Levy

  • Joe Hertenstein plays Aaron Bielish's EYEmusic with Strings (Maneri, Lonberg-Holm, Formanek) and with Electronics (Naphtali, Tammen) - Live at ShapeshifterLab, Brooklyn

  • HnH live@ DMG in NYC - Hertenstein/Heberer

  • Lior Milliger Trio with Hilliard Greene

  • MarKovSteinPrinciple with Francesco Marcocci & Vasko Dukovski

  • Michael Eaton/Sean Sonderegger 4tet with Shawn Lovato

  • SPACEPILOT live at RedHornDistrict

  • Guillermo Bazzola with Daniel Carter

  • The P-Project Vol.2 Peter Alexius, Joker Nies & Achim Tang on Creative Sources

  • ODEM with Todd Neufeld & Sean Conly

  • Mike Irwin, James Brandon Lewis, Max Johnson

  • JOE STONE - Permablues

JamesChoiceOrchestra -Live Triennale

JamesChoiceOrchestra Live at Musik Triennale Koeln 2008 Annette Maye cl, bcl,Frank Gratkowski as, cbc, comp Matthias Schubert ts, comp,Norbert Stein ts, comp,Niels Klein ts, bcl,Michael Heupel fl,Benjamin Weidekamp cl Matthias Mainz tr,Udo Moll tr,Nicolao Valiensi trb,Carl Ludwig Hübsch tuba, comp,Melvyn Poore tuba,Isis Krüger voc, Barbara Schachtner voc, Paolo Alvares p, Scott Fields gui, Tom Lorenz vib, Thomas Lehn synth, Joe Hertenstein dr, Radek Stawarz vl, Sue Schlotte cl, Sebastian Gramss

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